Inside The Music with Jordyn “Jordan” Elliot

When you think of music, you often think of the artist, although there are so many great people behind that artist, so here at Canadian Beats, we decided to start a new feature, “Inside The Music” where we showcase an important person in the music industry.

Today, we chat with artist manager, Jordan Elliot.

Please tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Jordan Elliott and I have been an artist manager for over 8 years in the music industry. I began in the industry when I was 18 years old selling merch for bands in Ontario. I attended Fanshawe College in London ON in the event management program and graduated with a two-year diploma. I was then hired on at Don Jones productions ( now known as Jones Entertainment Group) as a personal assistant to Brad Jones. I worked there for a year and then decided artist management was a passion of mine. I managed a pop-rock band Slow Motion Victory for a little and then began managing pop band Eleven Past One from Bowmanville ON. I partnered up with manager Darren Gilmore of Watchdog Mgmt and signed Eleven Past One to a record deal with Warner Music Canada in 2013. At the end of 2013, I met country artist Eric Ethridge. I managed Eric for just over 6 years and signed him to a publishing and record deal (again alongside Darren ) at  Anthem Records in 2018. For the last almost two years I have been on the management team for country artist Meghan Patrick. I also manage country duo Buck a twenty out of Windsor ON and continue to build my roster. I am in the process of obtaining my work visa for the US and will be permanently moving to Nashville to work.

What is the role of an artist manager?

As a manager, it is my duty to oversee the decision making process and development of the artist’s professional career within the music industry. I take care of all business affairs pertaining to my client. I am the liaison with professionals such as accountants, booking agents, labels, creative and marketing teams and any all companies and businesses that pertain to my artists.

How long have you been managing acts?

Over 8 years !

Who are some of the acts you have worked with?

Slow Motion Victory, Eleven Past One, Eric Ethridge, Nicole Rayy, Meghan Patrick, Buck Twenty, Dylan Burk, Them Dang Rattlers, Kris Barclay and many more.

What is a standout moment for you as a manager with one of your acts?

Meghan Patrick being nominated for a Juno and performing on the broadcast this year in Saskatoon!

What advice would you give someone looking to become a manager in the music industry?

Have a thick skin. Be passionate about every artist you work with. Try to enjoy the small moments as much as the big ones. Gain as much experience as you can everyone has a different way of managing. Be loyal and create great relationships.

What background education do you need to be an artist manager?

Hands on experience was the best learning tool for me personally. You can take courses at Berklee music college out of Boston or Belmont in Nashville. OR most colleges offer a music or arts program. Marketing courses are smart as well to be knowledgeable about! You can’t really go to school to become an artist manager you can learn skills but you just really need to network.

At what point do you feel an artist should consider acquiring a manager?

The artist should be playing multiple shows, be able to write and record music and have a following. I also think it just depends on the artist. If a manager and artist connect at an early stage it is sometimes special to develop the project together. Other times it’s wise to have demos and have created relationships for themselves enough for things to have to be organized by a manager because it’s too busy for the artist to handle alone.

What advice would you give an artist who is currently looking to hire a manager?

The artist/ manager relationship is the most IMPORTANT one. Make sure they are passionate about you and your music. It’s very much like a marriage. You need trust, honesty, and loyalty in an artist/ manager relationship. Make sure the manager is connected and can help achieve your career goals and has a good reputation.

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