MusiCounts Band Aid Program awards $900K to Canadian schools

One of Canada’s leading music education charities announced Monday that they will be distributing $900,000 to 90 schools across Canada.

MusiCounts is aiming to help schools across Canada build and expand their music programs by awarding grants through initiatives like the Band Aid program. As well, an emphasis is put on equipping schools with traditional instruments as well in order to foster in an understanding of the cultural identities that exist behind certain styles of music.

“MusiCounts is proud to support 90 recipient schools this year – congratulations to all the music programs!” said executive director, Kristy Fletcher. “However, there is still a lot of work to be done, and reading through many applications we received this year was heartbreaking. Whether schools have no instruments at all, or are struggling with collections of instruments that are in disrepair; students deserve to experience the benefits of music education in their school.”

MusiCounts says that “70% of 2020 recipient schools currently receive $500 or less for their music program” and that the grants received by these schools are equivalent to about 30 years of regularly scheduled funding.

You can see the full list of recipient schools here.

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