Caardia release video for “The Deep End”

Toronto alt-pop singer-songwriter duo, Caardia is made up of sisters Annie and Celia Siriopoulos. The two have released a new single, which cautions the danger of cell phones and social media dependency, “The Deep End”.

“The Deep End” is the second single – and the title track – from their debut EP, The Deep End. The duo penned the song with producer Ryan Guay and Erik Van Wissen.

“‘The Deep End’ is about the dependency people have on cell phones in society today,” Celia offers on the song’s origin.

“And the false reality they create for themselves,” Annie adds.

For the song, the Siriopoulos sisters were keen to shine a light on the issue by stressing the importance of wrongly-represented realities and false intimacies of relationships — no matter the context — through a screen. The pair spare no allusive punches staking claim to the severity of the situation, playing out real relationships fragmenting and handcuffs attached to cell phones.

“Not only do people depend on social media, but they fall so far into this false reality that they are unable to escape,” Annie continues. “The video is a visual experience symbolizing how lost and vulnerable people become.”

“Mental illness can commonly be a result of this,” Celia considers. “People find themselves in the deep end, following individuals everywhere, leading no escape back to the surface… Back to reality.”

Check out the video below and be sure to stay up to date with Caardia via their socials.

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