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Sarah Wickett grew up in a small Ontario town, which inspired her to write her own music and move to Toronto to pursue her dream. Now she has a brand new single “Did It For Me”, which was released today. Check out my interview to read all about it!

Let’s start by talking about your new single, “Did It For Me”. What inspired this song?

Yes! I am so excited!! The inspiration behind the song came to me in December. For me, these past couple of years have been huge learning curves. I feel like I was at that point where I really wanted to step it up in the music scene, but I didn’t know how to as an independent artist. In this industry, you have to constantly be growing and putting out insanely amazing stuff, which can put a lot of pressure on you sometimes. I was still writing with producers and musicians, but I knew the music wasn’t as good as it had to be (in my opinion). So, I took a trip to Nashville this past fall and performed at some writers rounds there. I spoke to a lot of musicians and industry professionals and their advice really opened my eyes. When I got back home, I knew if I really wanted to do this, I had to just go for it and not let anything stop me. So that’s kind of where this song came from. I ultimately had to make some decisions that I knew would disappoint people and burn some bridges. BUT I knew I would be excited about music again. That was the most important thing to me. Now – I am SO happy I made that decision and wish I made it sooner. But I’m grateful for the learning curves this industry throws at you and if I didn’t go through that, I wouldn’t have “Did It for Me”!

You have released several other singles over the last few years. How has your writing and recording process changed?

I learned so much about writing and recording while I was recording my older songs.  I was really just dipping my toes in and experimenting a lot. It was all fun. But I feel like now I have a much clearer vision of what I want my sound to be and what I want my music to say. I am taking it a lot more seriously and that really important to know going into a recording session or a writing session. Branding is so important when trying to establish yourself as an artist so you have to make sure you’re always writing what’s true to you.

How did you get started in music?

Since I was little, I’ve always really loved music and I was surrounded by it. My Dad played a bit of guitar and was always listening to it… but no more than your average person who just loves music. I was a competitive figure skater and danced so I grew up performing. But honestly, for the longest time, I didn’t really know how I got into music. I always found this question kind of hard to answer.. Until recently… So my Dad was adopted and we were aware of that growing up.. BUT it wasn’t until 10 years ago that he met his birth mom and we found out his biological Dad was a famous jazz player and toured all over the world. So it’s just all started to make more sense. It runs in the family and that’s why I just had such a burning passion for it since I was born!

How did your small-town roots inspire your music?

I feel like the reason I am in country music is because I grew up in a small town. My music comes from the heart and I write about situations I’ve gone through, so, writing about being in the country just makes sense. It’s literally me. I think that ‘I grew up in a small town’ mentality will never leave me no matter where I go.  If you know – you know. One of my favourite things about going back to my hometown is going into town with my mom and running errands. We always run into someone we know and people always ask how music is going. I haven’t lived there for 5 years now so it’s really nice being reminded that people are still rooting for me. That’s something that is always in the back of my mind and always motivating me.

What made you decide to move to Toronto?

The reason I moved to Toronto was to take that next step with my music. But my parents told me I still had to go to get some sort of schooling so I attended Humber College for Broadcast Journalism. I have always had a passion for writing and figured that the program could really benefit me in a lot of ways.. and it did!

How has that helped your music?

Moving to Toronto really expanded my horizons. I have made so many connections and made so many friends that have helped move my career forward. Going to school for Journalism I learned a lot of great skills that I use all the time in my music journey. Whenever I’m preparing for an interview… I always ask myself… ‘Well… what would I ask an up and coming artist if I was still in school?’ Haha!

You’ve performed at places like the Opera House, Casino Rama, as well as some fairs and festivals. What’s your favourite part about performing?

There’s no better feeling than seeing people in the audience genuinely enjoying themselves and singing along to one of your songs. I also love being able to hang around after the show and meeting everyone. It’s really special at smaller shows when we get to do that. Hearing how my music has impacted different people is such an indescribable feeling.

Favourite new song at the moment, go!

Ummmmm.. Can’t Help Myself by Dean Brody and the Reklaws!

What else do you have in store for 2020?

SO MUCH! I can’t wait to share everything with everyone. Please keep checking my website and social media platforms for tour announcements and updates! Lots of new music coming & I’ll be traveling nationwide!!

Any last thoughts you’d like to share?

Thank you so much for having me! It’s been a blast chatting with you guys. Hopefully, see y’all around this summer.

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