Evrlove Blake releases new single/video, “I’m Sorry”

Edmonton-based reggae artist Evrlove Blake tackles relationships in his brand new music video which was released today.

“I’m Sorry” shows off Blake’s vulnerable side as he deals with confronting mistakes made towards the ones you love, adding to the artist’s already impressive back catalogue of hip-hop influenced reggae singles.

Here is what Blake had to say about his new single:

“It’s about a situation I was going through and learning that it’s not only okay but good and healthy to say ‘I’m sorry’ and to work your way past the problem to make a relationship stronger. It’s about me overcoming my pride and stubbornness and immaturity to get over that hurdle and that it’s good to be open and vulnerable. At the same time, I also explore the female side, where she accepts the apology, accepts you and respects you. It’s about not letting your ego get in the way, because it may cost you the best thing you’ve ever had in your life.”

Evrlove Blake plans for “I’m Sorry” to be the first of several new singles he plans on releasing this year, each with their own accompanying music video.

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