Ghost Caravan returns with new single, “Live Out Loud”

Ghost Caravan‘s new single “Live Out Loud” is an electro-pop anthem for people who feel cast out for being different, for people who have something important to say and for people who want to live in full colour and at full volume.

Ghost Caravan is a group of collaborators led by Shaina Silver-Baird. Her “ghosts” are what inform the music that she writes. Whether they are the ghosts of specific people, the ghosts of a past love or the ghosts of experience, this caravan of ghosts is the origin of her songs.

The group had this to say of their recently released single,

“This song is a call to arms, a celebration, and a best friend throwing you a dance party when it’s needed the most. We have written this track to be an anthem for those who feel cast out for being different and for those who have something important to say.”

Connect with Ghost Caravan:

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