Lutharö releases teaser for upcoming music video, “Wings of Agony”

Melodic death metal band Lutharö released a teaser video on Tuesday for their music video, “Wings of Agony”, which will be the title track off of the band’s upcoming EP.

The Hamilton-based band made waves in the Ontario metal scene following their 2018 debut album, Unleash the Beast. Lutharö is looking to follow up their past success with this brand new five-song EP, Wings of Agony, due out March 27.

Here is what the band had to say about the record:

“We are hoping to have a really good response from our fans. We want you all to be able to relate to the strong messages on this EP and find empowerment from it. We did experiment a lot more with this recording than our previous release. We picked the strongest songs we had written and also chose the ones that we felt complimented each other well. We feel this EP is darker but still melodic and embodies the same amount of energy that we convey live.”

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