Review – The Franklin Electric

Album: In Your Heart
Release Date: February 21, 2020
Genre: Indie Rock

In Your Heart is the latest release from Montreal-based indie folk-rock band, The Franklin Electric. The band takes some further steps towards their electronic influences on this EP than on past releases while at the same time tackling some intriguing lyrical content that provides this record with its distinct identity. Totaling six songs of under four minutes each, The Franklin Electric has come up with a concise and cohesive piece of work that, while maybe doesn’t take huge risks musically speaking, delivers a no-doubt compelling and absorbing experience to the listener nonetheless.

The sound of In Your Heart surrounds you with warm synths and soft guitar layered upon simple lo-fi drum patterns leaving enough open space to allow singer and songwriter Jon Matte to deliver his honest, vulnerable lyrics. The opening track, “Anything For Love” brings to mind a combination of many influences from Arkells to Metric that permeates throughout the record while Matte names the risks one takes for love. By far the standout song on this EP, however, is “Trouble”.  The song fades in like a trance and immediately hooks you in with a simple, catchy chorus. The intensity continues to build until the end while Matte sings about the complications that come with relationships and the desire for validation. The EP closes off with the title track, “In Your Heart”, which brings the band back to their folk roots and shows off more of the lyric-writing prowess that Jon Matte brings to the band as he discusses loneliness and the walls one puts up to take shelter from it.

While In Your Heart may not be breaking a whole lot of new ground for the band musically speaking, it may yet prove to be a key stepping stone into new and exciting territory for The Franklin Electric with this soothing and thoughtful new EP.

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