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Vancouver, BC’s Terell Safadi is making a major name for himself across Canada having opened for the likes of Bone Thugs N Harmony, Rick Ross, LMFAO, T-Pain, and Future, to name a few. Not only dominating on stage, but Terell’s also generated millions of single and video streams with so many more to come with new single, “Black History”; released in honour of this year’s Black History Month.

New single, “Black History”, really grabs the listener from the first beat. Once the rhymes begin, the power of your words really sink in. What is your biggest goal with this single?

Thank you! My goal with this single is to spark conversation, awareness, equality, and patience with one another.

The video for the single really hits, too, with visuals as real as they come. What was the best part of the video making experience?

Both days were long and really cold so I would say when it was time to wrap that was the best part haha just kidding! Jokes aside, the best part of it was just trusting the process and just bringing people I know together for a great project.

You were recently the first African-Canadian artist to perform at a Canucks game in Vancouver; you even had your adorable daughter by your side! What did that experience mean to you?

It was amazing, being able to have her with me as to see what hard work can get you. It was a moment I’ll remember for the rest of my life. It really doesn’t get better than moments like that. It went down in history, literally!

You’ve made waves on the charts here in Canada as well as the US, Europe, and Sweden. Where else do you really want to break through with your music?

I mean America is really the goal for most artists and it is for me as well, but more importantly, just where people are connecting to the music, I don’t do gimmicky stuff so I’m just trying to connect with people who are moved by it. I’m trying to tour everywhere. It is also really cool to see growth at home. Vancouver and Canada are really important to me in my journey.

What do you have planned for the next 6 months?

Just staying consistent with my single and video drops and planning to play some festivals this summer. I am working on a project as well that I’m hoping to drop this year as well! Follow on my socials to see what’s coming up!

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