Review – Dboy

Album: New Records In Human Power
Release Date: February 14, 2020
Genre: Punk

Dboy is an interesting band. Wearing gimp masks and dressed head to toe in satin, these punk rockers released a 17-minute album featuring 12 songs, each ranging from a minute to three. Each song has heavy tones and deep and gritty vocals for the classic punk fans, but this band is anything but classic.

Currently touring with Cancer Bats, these guys will blend in well sound-wise. The single they released for the album “Red Ultra Glide” is a great way to get a feel for this band. As a fan of current and classic punk, this band gives you that and more, while also breaking down barriers of how punk is supposed to sound or feel, as you can tell from their get-ups.

Songs like “Dboy Sells Out!” and “Money Talks” point fingers directly while “Gimps Don’t Limp” throwback to Dboy and their fun ways. This album doesn’t feel like 17 minutes as each song has a different feel for everything throughout. Any of these songs can blend well into a punk playlist with no overflow.

For 17 minutes, this album is more than worth a try to listen to if you’re even slightly a fan of punk in general. These guys are something to keep an eye on, or both to be honest, as their style is something you’ve never EVER seen before.

Plus, you have to check out their website and take the pledge. It’s amazing.

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