Fuso releases two new singles off new album Danser dans la tornade

Fuso is following up his successful 2016 self-titled debut album Fuso with the release of his second album, Danser dans la tornade out March 6, 2020 via R-Musik. Fuso has already released two singles from the upcoming album including “Tornade” and most recently “Higher Me.” The singer/songwriter has been working hard to compose brand new tracks in both French and English language to release fresh new music for his fans.

If these two new songs are any indication of what to expect from Danser dans la tornade, Fuso’s fans will be in for a real treat. Fuso is an expressive artist who uses his music to crate beautiful songs and capture moments that will invite the listener into his musical world. “Higher Me” has already become one of my instant favorites and I have added it to my playlist on repeat. The melody and lyrics grab you and pull you in as Fuso tells the story of having someone fall in love with the “higher” you.

To celebrate the release of Danser dans la tornade Fuso will perform in Montréal on March 9, 2020 at le Ministère. You can check out the two new songs on major music digital platforms, as well as pre-order your copy of Danser dans la tornade here.

Danser dans la tornade Track List:
Quand j’aurai mon voilier
À qui la faute ?
Du pareil au même
Higher Me
Perds pas le moral
Fly Away
Recommencer tout
Un sourire sincère
Nos souvenirs
Chasseur d’étoiles

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