Weekly Beat Down – February 10, 2020 to February 15, 2020

Welcome Back music fans one and all to the Weekly Beat Down. The fun weekly segment where I like to feature two Canadian artists that you the fans will have the power in deciding who moves on to the next round. We’ve also got some great musical recommendations featured in this week’s episode as well. So you can check out the episode just down below and then watch the full music videos we have featured this week.

Like the handsome gentleman in the video said, we’ve got two great songs for you guys to check out this week. The one song counting with the most votes by the end of the week will be moving on to next week’s Beat Down.

The first artist and track for your listening pleasure this week, returning after two victories already. The funky soul groovers Paper Parachutes out of Toronto are back. Their new video for the song “Desert Rose” is back for another chance at holding the crown. It’s off their latest EP titled Above the Clouds, You can check out the full video just below And don’t forget to vote for your favourite this week.

Next up we’ve got a Powerhouse Rock Duo all the way from Oshawa, Ontario. Crown Lands have returned with new music after taking a few years to write, record and tour relentlessly. Their first major-label debut single “Spit It Out”, just released their video a few days ago. You can check out the full video down below and don’t forget to vote for your favourite this week.

I hope you enjoyed one of the two songs we had featured for you the fans this week. Now would be the time where you’d cast your votes in the voting polls down below. Remember the voting will be only open from today Monday until Saturday at midnight on the East Coast, 9 PM on the West Coast.

But that is going to be all the amazing Music we have for you lovely people this week. Be sure to come back next Monday for the results of this Beatdown as well as new music. Peace, Love and Good Music to everyone today, tomorrow or whenever this reaches you.

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