IN PHOTOS – Kendra Kay in Toronto, ON

Who: Kendra Kay
When: February 3, 2020
Where: Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON

On February 3rd, two-time Manitoba Country Music Award Winner Kendra Kay performed at the Horseshoe Tavern playing her first Toronto show since 2018. This show was a part of her countrywide tour where she brought her lively, upbeat set which includes her multiple original Top 100 Canadian Country Chart-toppers and plenty of fun rock-and-roll covers she performs with her own country flair. Canadian Beats had the pleasure of sitting down to interview with Kendra prior to her set when she shared with us her influences for her sound and spoke on the evolution of her music and her career since she was last in Toronto. Kendra’s powerhouse vocals and the energy brought by her and her band made this an unforgettable performance.

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Stay tuned for our video interview with Kendra, coming soon!

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