Dead Tired releases animated video for “White Caps” along with Upcoming Tour Dates

Hamilton’s Dead Tired recently released an animated video for “White Caps” via VultureHound. The band comprised of George Pettit, Franz Stefanik, Marco Bressette, Nick Ball and Chris Whetstone, released their latest album in Spring 2019 through New Damage Records. Full Vol. is “a compilation of three limited-run 7” EPs previously released with 3 brand new tracks.”

The amount of time put into the creation of the video for “White Caps” is pretty amazing. To create a video so rich in detail,every 5 seconds of the video took approximately 24 hours to produce.” The video itself boasts 2 minutes and 20 seconds. That in itself is pretty impressive considering the amount of time it would have taken to create the video as a whole.

The band states that inspiration for this video is “loosely based off Neuromancer, a 1984 science fiction novel by American-Canadian writer William Gibson, the characters exist in a similar world.”  According to Stefanik the band had been in talks with Andrew Pierce (a Motion Designer and 3D Generalist) and let him have total control and free rein over the video itself (They were beyond happy with the results). Pierce took the lyrics ‘I thought I was free of it but it sucked me back in’ and brought them to life through animation. The essence of the video follows a storyline of “a young man in a dystopian future who becomes a hermit. He never leaves his basement and lives his life almost entirely within a simulation. The trauma begins to affect his physical body in reality, and he pushes it too far after becoming addicted to the resulting pain, ironically in an effort to feel alive.”

Even with a band name like Dead Tired, there is still no rest for them. According to Stefanik, “we have been working together as a group to come up with as many strong and best-to-date songs as we can, and can’t wait to get them out and share with everyone.” Along with creating new music, Dead Tired has announced select shows in Ontario coming up this March in Hamilton, Oshawa and St. Catharines. Here’s your chance to check them out!

Upcoming Show Dates:
March 13 – Hamilton, ON @ TBA
March 14 – Oshawa, ON @ Oshawa Music Hall
March 15 – St. Catharines, ON @ The Warehouse

Connect with Dead Tired:

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