Weekly Beat Down – February 3, 2020 to February 8, 2020

Welcome one and all and I highly hope you all are doing well. It’s time for a brand new edition of the Weekly Beat Down here on our lovely website. In this segment, we will give you two songs to listen to and cast your vote for your favourite one. Your votes count because the one with the most votes is going to be moving on to the next round. Now let’s check in with this week’s episode down below.

Like I previously mentioned we’re going to have two songs face off against each other for you the fans to decide on our Victor this week. So let’s jump right into the music, welcoming back from last week’s intense battle in the voting polls. Paper Parachutes from Toronto, Ontario are back with the video for their single “Desert Rose”. The track comes off of their most recent EP titled Above the Clouds and is available on all streaming platforms. Enjoy the music video down below and don’t forget to get your votes in if you want to see them move on to the next round.

The next track we’ve got for you this week is going to be coming from an all-female punk rock group also hailing from Toronto, Ontario. The Anti-Queens have just released the brand new video for their single “Leave Me Out”. The new single is off of there new self-titled album which came out back in September. You can observe the new video for yourself just down below and you can vote for them this week if you want to see they’re song move on to the next round.

Those are going to be your two choices on this week’s installment of the Weekly Beat Down. Head on down to the bottom of the page here and vote on your favourite track. The voting will be open on the website from Monday all the way until Saturday night at midnight on the East Coast. So if you’re on the west coast like I am, it’ll be 9 pm.

Thank you all once again for tuning in and I will be back next Monday with the conclusion of this week’s voting. I will also be back with more music for you lovely people out there. So as always, Peace, Love and Good Music to you all!! Keep on spreading that positivity out there in our world.

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