Nikki Yanofsky releases lead single, “Forget” from upcoming album, Black Sheep

With her new album, Black Sheep, out May 8th, accomplished singer, Nikki Yanofsky, makes a bold creative shift: for the first time in the young artist’s already long and impressive career, Nikki leads by her own creative intuition, bucking expectations and painting a clear personal portrait of who she is today. Recorded at Warner-Chappell studios in NYC and produced and co-written by Zachary Seman and Roger Kleinman (Joey Bada$$, ASAP Rocky), Black Sheep also features the last two songs that decorated songwriter, Rod Temperton (Thriller), ever penned.

To celebrate the announcement of Black Sheep, Nikki releases lead single and video, Forget. In the official video for Forget, Nikki becomes the world’s favorite memes, from Bad Luck Brian to a femmed-up Rick Roll. Billboard called the song a “charming…self-confident anthem.”

In her own words, Nikki says,

“Forget is about being underestimated, overlooked and doubted, but prevailing. Going from the butt of a joke to being impossible to ignore, being everywhere (like a meme!). A song for the haters.

Sometimes all it takes for you to become the ‘black sheep’ is for people to believe that you are one, and once someone has their mind made up about you, everything you do fuels that idea,” she continues. “This is the first album where I’ve written lyrics that speak to my life experiences, and I’m not just trying to please everyone around me. It’s different than anything I’ve ever done before, but feels the most me. I feel evolved.”

Nikki will play select shows in NYC, LA, and Canada in support of Black Sheep, with dates to be announced soon.

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