Review – Holy Fuck

Album: Deleter
Release Date: January 17, 2020
Genre: Electronic

One of the beautiful things about Holy Fuck and their dedication to an exploration of electronica that sends the listener into both a soft hypnosis and a brain-melting grove.

Their fifth album, Deleter, brings a particular feeling of warmth and strength as you get lost in the waves of ecstasy.  Joining Holy Fuck on the album’s latest single, “Luxe” is Alexis Taylor of celebrated British synth-pop group, Hot Chip, who adds the soft, almost positive affirmation “I want to scrap all of this/And start over again” before Angus Andrew of American rockers, Liars, gives a rally cry with the lyrics “Are you fighting for a cause/Are you fighting just because.” 

Also present on Deleter is Holy Fuck’s signature ability to completely improvise and plugin whatever’s necessary to give their tracks that added edge.  Sharp synth bass grooves escalate through to the conclusion of “Free Gloss” to wake the listener up in the midst of their journey to prepare them for the hard rock vibes of “Moment” and the smooth “Near Mint.”  The album ends on an absolutely ecstatic note with the heart-racing and haunting “Ruby,” which weaves seamlessly back into “Luxe” – for those of us who intentionally leave a good record on repeat for as long as possible.

After 15 years, it’s wonderful to think that Holy Fuck still has the ability to transport their listeners deep into their vision of what electronic music should be.

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