Weekly Beat Down – January 27, 2020 to February 1, 2020

Welcome one and all to the Weekly Beat Down, where we have two songs in the ring for you to vote on. The song counting with the most votes by the end of the week will be crowned our winner and moving on. There’s also going to be three recommendations featured in the episode below, so let’s jump into the music.

The first artist joining us this week, newly victorious champions from our last Beat Down. Chase Your Words from Vancouver are back with the video for there newest single off their upcoming EP. “Sayonara” is also the first track that featured this week for you to vote on. Enjoy the full video right here and remember to get your votes in at the bottom of the page.

The second artist that will be joining us this week, we have a funky soul collective that goes by the name of Paper Parachutes. They recently released the brand new video for their single “Desert Rose”, which is off their latest EP Above the Clouds. Enjoy the full video right here and remember to vote for your favourites down below.

Now you can head on down to the bottom of the page here and vote for your favourite track. You have all the power, so you get to decide who is moving on to the next round. Choose wisely.

That’ll be all the time we have for the Beat Down, so be sure to check out the recommendations in the episode and vote for your favourite daily. I’ll see you all again next week with some more music. Peace, Love and Good Music to you all out there!!

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