Review – Pink Leather Jackets

Album: Good Love
Release Date: December 6, 2019
Genre: Rock

Southern Ontario’s 4-piece Pink Leather Jackets are out to make you dance and headbang. Their latest adventure, the 6 song EP Good Love was an experience all on its own, with the band doing a lot of mixing to find their right sound. Let’s see if they did. (Spoilers: I bet they have since I’ve heard these guys before and they’re great).

Opening track “Shed” is a modern age Ramones song. This song can blend easily into a punk rock playlist, current or classic. Actually, I’m gonna add this to mine right now. The group vocals and excellent drum roll towards the end make this opening track one to catch you right off from the start.

The title track “Good Love” is a descriptive title as it’s Good and I Love it. A very sexual song, just a heads up, but it’s still equivalent to the opening track on the punk levels with overall fun throughout. It makes you groove!

Oh, (skippablejibberjabber) is literally that. 7 seconds of jibber-jabber.

“Wasting Time” is my favourite track on the album. A slower track compared to the rest of the album but the guitar work is very fluent and clean throughout. Some great lyrics thrown in here too, definitely check this one out.

“Call Me When I’m Drunk” was the song I first heard from these guys on my “Discover Weekly” playlist on Spotify. Easily the best song to bang your head along to and one I could hear the band killing it live every night, with the crowd investing everything into it.

The closing track “Evening Medicine” is an acoustic sing-along, closing the album off differently then I expected but still a surprising one. Focusing more on the lyrical chops of the singer and the great and unique voice he provides.

Pink Leather Jackets have started something special here. An EP with good, classic punk rock, mixed with unique lyrics and stylings you don’t hear very often. When these guys release a full album, I will be one of the first to hear it, because if it even has a pinch of what this was like, it’s something I’m really gonna enjoy.

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