Review – Woolworm

Album: Awe
Release Date: November 8, 2019
Genre: Indie Pop

Woolworm hail from Vancouver, BC but are no strangers to the music scene. Their third album Awe was released in November to critical acclaim throughout, so now I’m giving it a listen to see what it is all about.

The title track “Awe” is a great opener for the album. It shows off what to expect from the album in a short 2-minute track. Great harmonies, fun music and something that gets people wanting to hear more from the start.

“Hold The Bow” is a song I’d listen to for hours on repeat when I was younger and starting to get into different genres of music. That doesn’t mean I can’t have this on my Spotify playlist, which I did add as this song is the stand out track for me on this album.

“Live For You” isn’t what I expected. It started with a big whine of a guitar into an alternative head-bobbing melody that I felt calm listening too, as I was moving and grooving throughout the album. This song, however, does pick up towards the end, getting you back into the groove.

“Let Me Wear The Mask” is a great album ender, giving a good mix of everything you listened to on the album before. The albums overall feel is personalized in this song with the great lyrics and even better mix of sounds throughout.

The critics were right: This album is great. The variety of music in this indie band is something to talk about as this is their third album. The other 2 albums must be as good if it’s any comparison to this one. I will be checking out their catalogue after this review guaranteed.

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