Weekly Beat Down – January 6, 2020 to January 11, 2020

Welcome to the first installment of the weekly beat down here in 2020! If you’ve never seen this segment before, we like to feature two songs for you the fans to vote for your favourite. The one song counting with the most votes will be moving on to the next round and will be inducted into our Hall of Fame after 6 weeks in a row. But now let’s check out this week’s episode right here.

Well, it’s time for the first song coming up here on the Weekly Beat Down for your listening pleasure. He’s returning from last week’s episode as our reigning champion, it’s Nati from London, Ontario. He’s bringing back the song “Curlfriends” featuring Casper Marcus. Enjoy the full music video right here and vote for your favourite this week.

It’s time for a second competition who is going to be our newest competition. Toronto, Ontario singer-songwriter Mya Gomez joins us this week with her brand new single “Take My Hand”. You can now enjoy the full video from her new single right here and vote for your favourite this week.

Those are going to be the two songs we have for you on a weekly Beat Down this week, so be sure to vote for your favourite down below. Don’t forget to share with your friends using the hashtag #WeeklyBeatDown.

That’s going to be my time this week so I hope you all enjoyed the two songs we have for you. I’ll see you all back here next week with the results and some brand new music too review. So Peace, Love and Good music to you all this week!!

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