Tylor Dory Trio releases new single “Dying Light”

Edmonton’s Tylor Dory Trio will be releasing their new album, Unsought Salvation on December 21, 2019. In advance of the release, they have unveiled their single, “Dying Light”.

The band explains the connection between the new album and their 2015 debut EP “Carried Away”:

The album should serve as a valid continuation from ‘Carried Away’ alongside spiritual ties to the first EP. ‘Carried Away’ was tonally quite dark, we feel that ‘Unsought Salvation’ is a more balanced presentation featuring some upbeat tracks alongside darker and heavier tracks that you may have come to expect from listening to ‘Carried Away’.”

Tylor Dory shares on the single,

“One of the album’s primarily acoustic tracks, our first EP and the Carried Away EP both featured an acoustic song and it was very important to us to carry that forward with ‘Unsought Salvation’. The song is played in an unconventional tuning (DABGAD) that I came up with while trying to gain access to certain chord voicing that wouldn’t have been available otherwise. Like many of our songs ‘Dying Light’ is a journey through many feels and tonalities, starting quite soft and gradually building up to an erupting guitar solo.”  

Check out “Dying Light” below and be sure to stay up to date with the band via their socials, and you can also pre-order the album, HERE.

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