Alex Whorms releases cover of Joni Mitchell’s “River”

Ajax, ON-born, Hamilton, ON-based artist Alex Whorms has unveiled a video for her cover of Joni Mitchell’s holiday favourite, “River”.

“Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ has been my favourite Christmas song for years, I heard it for the first time when I was about 13… My family was watching an old rerun of ‘Ally McBeal’ — it was the episode where Robert Downey Jr’s character sang it, and I couldn’t believe how beautiful the song was. I immediately looked up the lyrics and taught myself how to play it on the piano. I’ve pulled it out, again and again, every year.” 

The video was recorded in one take live with Konrad Swierczek producing the audio and Zach Symak directing the video, and comes at the close of an equally busy year — not just season — for Whorms; she released her second EP, Burgundy, in September, and its premiere single “Sunset” was featured on CBC Radio One’s ‘In The Key of C.’

Check out the video below and keep up to date with Alex via her socials.

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