Weekly Beat Down – December 9, 2019 to December 14, 2019

We’re getting holly and jolly around here for this week’s edition of the #WeeklyBeatDown. We’ve got two great songs battling it out for your votes and some excellent recommendations on Zach’s picks of the week at the snap of my fingers. So let’s jump right into this week’s episode and you can check out the two songs we have for you.

Starting it off this week, we have returning for their fourth time on the Beat Down, it’s the Pink Leather Jackets from Toronto Ontario, who are back with their song “Wasting Time” off of the new EP Good Love. The new EP is another thing I recommend listening to, I was grooving to it while I was at work just the other night. Check out the full video for “Wasting Time” down below and vote for it if you like it this week.

Next up in the ring battling it out for the title spot, we have London, Ontario singer-songwriter Sarah Smith. Sarah has the video for her song “You Don’t Get My Love” off of her upcoming album Unveiling, which will be released in January of 2020. Check out the full video down below and vote for her if you like her this week

Well, I hope you enjoyed one or both of the videos we had for you on the Weekly Beat Down this week. Now it’s the time where you have all the power, cast your votes for the track that you want to see move on to the next round. Just down here at the bottom of the page, you can vote daily from today Monday all the way until Saturday night at midnight.

May the best song win and I hope you all have yourself a great week. Peace, Love and Good Music to you all and Happy Holidays!!

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