Review – Kellen Saip

EP: Kellen Saip
Release Date: November 15, 2019
Genre: Folk

Ladner, British Columbia’s folk singer-songwriter Kellen Saip has released his self-titled EP, which features some incredible songs that I can’t wait to dive into and share with you. His music gently fuses folk and blues with subtle undertones of faith and soul that derived from his family gospel roots. He has been working on this EP for quite some time and I can see the perfect storm of emotion is shown front and center in his writing.

A few tracks that stood out the most to myself, I would have to start with the first song on the EP “Whiskey River”. We get a nice slow fade Into the record on this track, followed by Kellen showcasing just how powerful his voice is to the listener. “Whiskey River” tells the story of a man who feels like he has hit rock bottom. Turns to the bottle to find some relief but only finds emptiness in every pore. This is one of the longest songs on the record but also the one that helps you understand just what to expect from a talented songwriter such as Kellen Saip.

“Down” is the next song on the record and the first single that was released back in July. It’s a heart-wrenching song about addiction and the struggles of good and evil in one’s soul. The single features Matt Kelly on the pedal steel, who is known for playing alongside many talented musicians but more often with Dallas Green “City and Colour”. When I got to listen to “Down” for the first time back when I was just promoting its release, I know it had to one of my favourite songs on this record. Even though I hadn’t heard any of the other songs, I felt I was able to connect with the story the most. We all have that struggle in our own lives with the devil and angel on your shoulders.

Up next we have “Where I Belong”, which to me feels like a song that would have been perfect for a show like “The Waltons”. This track brings Kellen’s gospel roots to life, it is a song that feels warmer to the listener. You almost can feel the tone in the record change once you reach this track. It’s a song that takes you home and makes you feel like you belong. He recently put out a live version of the song over on Pete’s Patio Paradise, which you can see in the video below as well.

I enjoyed this EP in it’s entirety, it really shows you just how skilled of a songwriter Kellen is when he puts his heart, soul and pure emotion into his work. I have never seen somebody so driven and determined to perfect his craft, Well also making time for his family. Kellen Saip and his new EP it’s something that I definitely suggest taking the time to listen to for yourself. I’m not sure if there’s much else I could say to sell this record, but there you go!

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