Growler Choir releases video for “The Dayking”

Montreal’s Growler Choir was dreamnt up by composer Pierra-Luc Senecal in 2016. Now, they have released a video for their performance of “The Dayking”. The collective performed the dramatic words from the poem “The Dayking” by Fortner Anderson backed with a reinforced sound arsenal. TheGrowler Choir does more than emphasize vocal techniques specific to the genre of extreme metal, they explore the sonic potential of the voice to demonstrate its extraordinary properties, both sensual and monstrous.

“The Dayking” featured:
Fortner Anderson
Samuel Arseneau-Roy (Basalte)
Laurent Bellemare (Basalte, Sutrah)
Roxana Bouchard (Your Last Wish)
David Caron-Proulx (Entheos)
Corinne Cardinal (Valfreya)
Sébastien Croteau (Necrotic Mutation)
Étienne Dufresne (ex-Deathbringer)
Jessica Dupré (Fall of Stasis)
Pascal Germain-Berardi (ex-Archetype)
Marie-Claude Gosselin (ex-Illicit)
Patrick Goyette (Hymnosis)
Marie-Hélène Landry (Obsolete Mankind)
Philippe Langelier (Bookakee)
Jeffrey Mac Dermott (Hands of Despair)
Yann Pouliot (Reign the Sky)
Étienne Roy-Bourque (ex-Nephilim)
Mikaïl Standjofski-Figols (ex-Sanguine Glacialis)
François Toutée (ex-Hybrid Chaos)

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