IN PHOTOS – Indie Week – November 17, 2019

November 17, 2019 – The Mod Club: On the final night of Indie Week, they spared no talent for their closing night show. Sending us off with a bang, giving out some well-deserved awards, and closing out the festival with great performances.

Piqued Jacks – At it again with bigger than beat performance. They ended up receiving the best video award, and with much more room to dance and jump about, they didn’t want to leave without possessing one last tone.

Free But Sharp Pain – All the way from Tokyo, Japan, this duo consisting of vocalist YOSHIKA and bassist YAMA. FBSP punk rock sound reminded me of the band HOLE, a bit of grunge-rock, and sometimes some sweet serenades.

Bo Welland – Sending out some smooth rock and roll, Bo Welland demonstrated why they won an award for the best of the fest. With rockin’ rifts, I was reminded of The Strokes sound, while these gents gave their all on stage.

Triss – I felt like I was lost in an 80’s videogame. Si-fi meets synth, with a pop twist, Triss from South Korea, will give you that excuse to dance your heart out. A fan favourite of previous years, they engulfed The Mod Club stage with choral colour, space-scapes, Pop rhythms, and even did us a solid, and put up the lyrics to their songs so we could sing along.

Nikki’s Wives – The headliner of the final night of Indie Week, Nikki’s Wives, took us on a story of shadows, life, and sheer command of the stage. Making use of lighting cues, working the corners of the stage, including the kick drum for puppet life, Nikki’s Wives dispatched us into the night.

My first introduction to Indie Week was a fabulous musical journey to all corners of the globe, impressive musicianship, stellar crew members, and a well-organized festival. Never a misstep and patience with the growing changes of time slots and border crossings, Indie week is defiantly a must-see.

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