Review – Louise Burns

Album: Portraits
Release Date: November 8, 2019
Genre: Alternative Pop

When I first went to start my review of Louise Burns‘ newest album Portraits, I began by reading the little header to get an idea of the band/singer. As soon as I saw the name Lillix, I was instantly flashed back to my junior high years and singing along to their hit song “It’s About Time” on YTV’s Hit List.

Flash forward over 10 years later and I’m listening to a whole different genre of music from a whole new person from that girl pop-rock band in the early 2000s. The opening track “Like A Dream” is a mellow, yet haunting song with beautiful lyrics and a powerful and clear voice.

The next track “Cry” is a jab towards people in the music industry who treated her terribly back in the day (which hurts my junior high heart) but she’s taking it all with a grain of salt and moving onto bigger and better things.

“Cherry” has a very catchy opening that caught me off guard from the beginning but in the best way possible. It’s got some beautiful lyrics that make you feel something. The lyrics “I’m sorry I’m always in my head” is a lyric that hits me because I’m always in my head.

I absolutely love the last song on the album as it’s simply called “Sky (Every Album Needs A Ballad)” as it’s a joke yet a serious point. That is until you hear the song. It’s a mix of fun and sadness at the same time as she says some interesting points along with a bit of humour. I guess mixing darkness with humour is the new age of things.

On top of the fact that I’m now listening to Lillix again, this album is a big mix of good tunes for serious and non-serious listeners. It has the perfect mix of feelings either lyrically or musically, happy, sad or in between. This is a big difference from what I weirdly expected to be a 2019 version of Lillix but I got something even better. Sorry, Grade 7 me.

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