IN PHOTOS – Indie Week – November 16, 2019

Nov. 16, 2019– The Painted Lady:  Sometimes, the smallest venue proves that a small space can pack a powerful punch! With an exotic glow, this showcase of indie artists filled us with international melodies, and the urge to get up and dance. Nestled in amongst shops on Ossington, The Painted Lady’s slender features hosted indie week artists no matter how large or small the band.

Piqued Jacks – Giving us another taste of the Italian funk rock that we’ve been enjoying all week. With an energetic guitarist and bassist, and a lead singer that can hold an epic note, these gents kicked things off right.

For Jane – Toronto Natives For Jane, demonstrated their fun alternative songs, Love for dogs, and sweet harmonies. I was reminded of Ani Difranco’s silly songs, and an Australian band called Something For Kate, purely because their name comes from a note on the fridge, which states ‘Something For Kate” the lead singer’s dog.

Baby Boy Blue – With electro-pop sounds, and gentle yet falsetto noteworthy moments, Baby Boy Blue, from Edmonton, Alberta, delivered a strong performance. Electro sounds got the dancing started, and you can hear the intent of each song’s message.

Ghost Caravan – A favourite from the Indie Pre-launch, a group of ladies that I was looking forward to catching again. If I could have imagined a stage designed for this group, The Painted Lady was very fitting. Just the exotic glow, and some décor, which a caravan might have. With a groove that makes you want to dance and strong lyrics, just like the song “We Can Dance.” Which is Shaina Silver-Baird’s answer to what it’s like being a female singer in the music industry.

The Wilderness – From Kingston. Ontario, The Wilderness was the alternative kick to the pretty atmosphere. Apparently this wasn’t the smallest stage they’ve played before and had enough room to jump and sway through the tunes. With notes of the 90’s band ‘Live’, and an almost jazz-rock sound, with the accompaniment of a Saxophone, these lads had us up on our feet.

The Painted Lady proved to be a very unique space to play and was a feast for the eyes and ears.

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