Weekly Beat Down – November 18, 2019 to November 23, 2019

Welcome back for a special edition of the #WeeklyBeatDown here on the Canadian Beats. This is the segment where we like to feature two songs for you the fans out there to decide on your favourite. That one track counting with the most votes by the end of the week will be moving on to the next round of the Beat Down. Let’s check out this week’s episode down below and get into the new music.

After turning the tables on our competition last week, Halifax artist Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset are back for round 2 on our segment. Bring back there song “It Won’t Happen Again” in hopes to make it happen again and head right through this week’s competition.

Now it’s time to see if our newest competitors have what it takes, introducing Toronto, Ontario four-piece band Pink Leather Jackets. They recently premiered the video for their newest single “Wasting Time” on our site, so I thought, What the Heck! Let’s have them here on the show for you to check.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the two songs we had for you this week. Like I said before, it’s up to you to vote for your favourite in this week’s #WeeklyBeatDown down below. The voting will be running from today Monday, going all the way until Saturday night at midnight. The song counting with the most votes will be the winner and moving on to the next round. Also, don’t forget to share with your friends online using the hashtag #WeeklyBeatDown to encourage more voting.

That’s is all the time we have for you this week, I hope you all have yourself a great week and I will see you in the next one. Peace, Love and Good music to you all! Later!!

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