IN PHOTOS – Matt Mays in Halifax, NS

Who: Matt Mays
When: November 15, 2019
Where: Dalhousie Arts Centre, Halifax NS

Matt Mays played yet another unforgettable show this past Friday at the Dalhousie Arts Centre. The evening began with an electrifying set played by Skye Wallace and company; foreshadowing what was to come later on. After a wait in the dark between bands, a single spotlight lit a piano on the right side of the stage and Matt emerged to play us a soft Howl At The Night. After the first song, he moved to the center of the stage and picked up an acoustic guitar. That is where he remained most of the show, joined by more and more friends every song until everyone stood up all at once (knocking a mic stand over) and the whole band was playing, singing, laughing, running, and jumping around stage, full of the energy that we all know Matt Mays brings to the stage for every single show. It was indeed One Hell of a Time!

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