Weekly Playlist – M For Montreal 2019

Starting Wednesday, we will be attending the 14th edition of M For Montreal! M for Montreal is much more than an annual event. “M” is a not-for-profit with an ambitious mission to showcase and promote emerging artists and open doors for them on international stages. Since 2006, M for Montreal has carved out an enviable reputation at the heart of Montréal’s cultural life, and now occupies an undeniable role as a catalyst for the local industry, both for emerging Canadian artists and those who are developing their careers at a global level.

For this week’s playlist, we compiled our favourite acts on the lineup, which we cannot wait to check out next week!

M for Montreal will be taking place all over Montreal from November 20th to 23rd. Pro badges and public tickets are now available for sale, so get them before they run out! For more information, please visit M for Montreal’s website.

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