IN PHOTOS – Indie Week Day One in Toronto, ON

The Revival hosted some amazing international talent on their opening night. No Shortage of groove, dance moves, and bilingual lyrics. With a top-notch sound technician, never skipping a beat, to promptly sound check all the artists, before performing, and an all-around lively vibe; Indie Week showcased music from around the world.

Camila Andrew  – Who is a Colombian-American singer, spiced and seasoned the stage with Latin and English lyrics, swaying, as she traveled through the melodies, with soaring vocals.

Kelly Fraser – It’s clear to recognize a native Inuit sound, with Kelly demonstrating traditional and modern chorus. All while thanking us for dancing with her, Kelly merged these genres smoothly.

Bobby Pins – With a Korean Pop splash, Bobby Pins, bopped and danced around the stage, complete with signature dance moves, which were also printed on plain white T’s.

Piqued Jacks – Some Tuscan Alt Funk Rock and some dancing with the crowd, Piqued Jacks displayed their ability to tell a story leaving you hanging on every word.

Goodnight, Sunrise – They’ve got the get-up and rock and roll, pop hooks, EDM drops, and the capacity to rock. If you want to dance like it’s 1999, this is your Keytar synth party, and don’t forget the glitter!

Bangerz Brass – Mix some MC’s with a big brass sound, and you’ve got a banger of a band that resonates. Picture a busking sound, that fills the stage with a force of nature.

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