Cedar Sky release video for “Free Verse Life”

Saskatoon-based band, Cedar Sky released their album, Crossing The Rubicon in October 2019. Now, they have unveiled a trippy video for their sophomore single, “Free Verse Life”.

The track was written by frontman and singer-songwriter Joshua James about his journey through the rainforest, drinking the potently psychedelic tea in complete isolation.

“I was a prisoner in my own mind,” he recalls. “The only way to escape was to break down the walls I built myself.”

Although James says he confronted many things on that trip — both literally and figuratively — there was a singular theme that continued to dominate the forefront of his mind.

“One thing that became very evident was the choices we make in life, and the paths that they create. Sometimes, we hack through the jungle of life without knowing what lays ahead, while other times we can see the road that others have traveled many times before we arrived at those very same crossroads. There are easy routes and hard routes… Selfish roads, and selfless trails. The path you choose ultimately determines your salvation, or living hell. We have a choice to live a life of good or evil, and the internal discussion of our consciousness will ultimately decide what path we take. This song describes the internal battle.”

Check out the video below and stay up to date with Cedar Sky via their socials.

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