Review – Half Moon Run

Album: A Blemish in the Great Light
Release Date: November 1, 2019
Genre: Alternative

For the last 10 years, Montreal natives Half Moon Run have been setting ground and climbing mountains, touring and making music for the masses. Their latest full-length A Blemish in the Great Light has already gotten high praise from fans and critics alike so, as I’m taking a look at the album today, I shall see how great it actually is.

Starting on the opening track “Then Again”, it starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar and a great voice from the vocalist, something pure and accompanied by beautiful harmonies in the background. The song builds very well and is the perfect opening track to show what is to come with this album.

One of the tracks they released as a single was “Flesh & Blood”, which is a mellow-yet-energetic acoustic ballad showing the great variety of skills throughout the band, musically and vocally. This is a song I could hear all over mainstream radio since it’s catchy and meaningful at the same time. The best kind of song is one that can grab you from the start then keep you throughout with beautiful lyrics, which this song masters.

“Yani’s Song” is one that caught my ears as I thought it would be a love song towards a certain someone but it’s a unique story you don’t hear much through music these days. This is one you need to check out yourself as not only is the lyrics and story great, but the music is also great.

The overall feel of this album is enough to get people curious and encourage listening more and more. Songs like “Jello On My Mind” and “Favourite Boy” are catchy and easy to sing along, while songs like “Razorblade” are a 7 minute epic with something for everyone. This is a band who even after 10 years of being together, are still making bridges to new and creative content.

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