Canadian Beats Passport – IN PHOTOS – Kim Churchill in Toronto, ON

Who: Kim Churchill
When: November 2, 2019
Where: The Mod Club, Toronto ON

The Mod Club was transported back to 2012 at the Horseshoe Tavern, when an iTunes found sound, forever shaped my music wanderings.  The stage was alive with immense energy, and once again I was reminded of that familiar sound, all the way from Merimbula, Australia.  Kim has been creating a series of EPs that will be recorded in different cities around the world.  He released “I am” recently which was recorded in Berlin, Germany, and “Forgetting” which was recorded on Vancouver Island.

My first introduction to the Mod Club Theatre, the stage was set, complete with Pearl Kick drum, a barefooted surfer, and a sound like no other. Melodies met lyrics and danced around the Mod Club stage.

Kim talked about life and loss; how he saw many moments bathed in black, and all of the things that happen when your life is forever changed.  To understand how to not leave your life too long, the dark horses along the way, and finding comfort in the places you didn’t think you wanted to be.  All while describing creating a full-length album, that took a year, and then scrapping it; and then writing and recording something new in a week.  As the weight falls, you find yourself again.  The energy expanded, Kim fed from the equal intensity from the crowd, and I knew that the Kim Churchill sound was back.

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