Interview – Olivia Lunny

Songwriting may have started as an outlet to express herself in the privacy of her own thoughts, but has launched now launched Olivia Lunny into the nationwide spotlight, including with her brand new single, “Blacklight”.

While you’ve been writing songs since the age of 12, it was even more recently that you were featured on CTV’s The Launch resulting in the launch (pun intended) of a bigger picture career! What are the top 3 biggest takeaways for you since the show?

A)​ Remaining authentic to yourself will get you far.

B) ​Perseverance is key in the music industry

C) ​Its all about the music. At the end of the day all that matters are the songs you’re writing and the quality of the music.  Everything else that comes is a bonus!

You are the perfect example of an artist who could never be put into one “genre” box. Who were some similar favourites that inspired you to make music?

Growing up I listened to a lot of Norah Jones. Coldplay has always been a big influence for me too. Along with Fleetwood Mac and I’m currently listening to a lot of Lauv!

When co-writing your new single “Blacklight” with Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine and Roman Clarke, was there a particular environment or mood that inspired the sound?

Roman and I wrote the idea Blacklight about a year back.  We loved the idea of playing with blacklight revealing people’s true colours.  When bringing that idea to EWXJF, the sound came together very organically.  I love the dark vibe of this tune, I think it complements and reflects the theme of the song really nicely. We recorded the song itself the same day we had the session in a hotel room. Blacklight came together very spontaneously.

Can we please touch on the fact that you opened for Lionel Richie this past July?! How did the audience react to your performance? 

This performance was truly a dream come true!! To date- the largest crowd I’ve performed for. It was so inspiring to be on a stage that size and play for Lionel’s audience. Lionel Richie is iconic, opening for him will forever be at the top of my highlights list.

What else can fans expect in the next six months?

So much new music! I’ve been writing so much and working on so many new songs I cannot wait to share with everyone.  Along with this, people can expect more live performances. Stay tuned!!

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