Catherine MacLellan releases new album, Coyote

Canadian folk musician, Catherine MacLellan released her seventh album, Coyote on October 11, 2019. The 14-song album was recorded and self-produced at her studio in PEI, and is a reflective and hopeful journey through heartbreak, loss, and the joy of life.

Catherine had unveiled 3 singles beforehand, along with videos for each.

She shares on “Out Of Time”,

“This last year of my life has been about big changes: moving, ending a long relationship and starting a new one, continuing to watch my daughter grow up and some very hard life decisions. We all can find ourselves stuck in a relationship, a job or anything that is no longer serving us and is holding us back. It can be very hard to make a break, but the older I get the more I realize there is no time to waste. This song is very much about pulling up stakes and starting over.”

Next, she released “Roll With The Wind”,

This song was written for a few friends in my life, men who would come and visit me at my country home and somehow disturb the quiet peace of my life here. They’d waltz in, mess around with girls or start fights and then eventually, after drinking all my booze, head back home to the city. And yet, I would always welcome them back.”

The latest release was “Come Back In” in September,

Sometimes it can take a while to notice your relationship is falling apart. It can take a lot of effort to bring it back, but that can only work if both of you are actively trying to come back to centre. This song I wrote long before the relationship was over, and when I still had hope for it. The winter PEI landscape is the perfect, haunted setting for longing and the sense of loss.”

If you enjoyed these three songs, be sure to check out the full album HERE.

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