Review – Roxy & The Underground Soul Sound

Album: Stand Up
Release Date: October 4, 2019
Genre: Soul/ R&B

Jazzy, soulful and FUN. These are three words I would use to describe Roxy & the Underground Soul Sound‘s album STAND UP.

A great way to describe the lead singer Roxy can be summed up with the hotline kickstart to the album, “Fuse Box”.  This little firecracker not only provides an uplifting soulful kick to all the upbeat tunes, but she can dig deep into the soulful cuts on the album as well.  The musicianship in this album shows strongly in every song, whether it be an instrumental, or a slow heartfelt ballad’s.  This band is tight!

The Jazzy instrumental of “Fuse Box”, which is heavy on the keys, kicks the album off right!  With high energy, you are ready for a strong fun album.

Songs like “Left Behind the Good Times” and “Been There” makes you want to get out on the dance floor for a good party!  Strong jazzy keys, guitars, and horns complement every song to perfection!

Roxy’s powerful and soulful voice carries and resonates with all of her slower songs.  Songs like “Show Me”, “Heart”, and “Let’s Work It Out” are jazzy tunes that make you want to slow dance closely with your special human.

“Helpless” just shows the strength behind Roxy’s voice.  This powerful songstress belts out amazingly powerful vocals which are soulful beyond her years!

The best part of the album is you want to sing along to every song and you really don’t want to skip a song either!  This album is great for any Soulful Jazz enthusiast!

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