Review – Indie Week Pre Launch Party in Toronto, ON

The Hideout was alive with Indie vibe, for the Indie Week Pre Launch Party in Toronto. Artists from diverse music genres encompassed the stage and demonstrated why they’ve chosen to represent independent music creators. As well as captivating melodies, The Hideout staff, Indie Week organizers, and tech crew ran a well-coordinated festival.

Rachel Romu: Rachel is a model, performer, and accessibility Pioneer, with real and raw determination. With nods to a Fiona Apple meets grit and grunge musical styles, she represents true bravery in a stay inside the box world. Passionate about inclusiveness, and the many ways to reinvent yourself, Rachel doesn’t let anything stop her.

Kelly Fraser: Kelly is an artist from Nunavut with an Indigenous Pop sound. Not only creating songs about the highs and lows of life, Fraser explores the unique characteristics of Inuit culture.

Mountain Head: A blend of Pysch-Rock, channeling Johnny Cash, and Gold Grills, the Hannah Brothers will take you a subterranean ride. Flowing through songs in unison, guitar rifts, and a claim to steal your head, but give it back.

Ghost Caravan: With Electronic Soul, Ghost Caravan is a collection of strong women, whose lyrics stem from dark places, but with intentions on finding the light. Inspirations to empower women, and an electronic folk, contemporary, convoy that makes you feel the Spirit of each melody.

Blow_flyy: Rap from the East Coast, Blow_flyy, likes to place himself in the audience, feeling the energy from his rhymes. Charging forward to pave a way in the industry for his fans but in his own way.

Young Doctors In Love: Keeping in line with Radio Friendly songs, Young Doctors In Love, aspire to create 3-minute, Indie Pop Rock, quirky tunes, with playful harmonies.  70’s Pop grove, will leave you dancing the night away.

Excuses Excuses: Alternative Punk Rock and high energy from this trio will leave you headbanging and whipping your own hair around. They will leave you with a contagious riff rumble and light up the stage with emotive facial expressions.

Fonfur: Just for fun, and a quartet that plays soothing melodies of gentle pop, and smooth harmonies. Soaring Harmonies, and catchy lyrics, these gents will make you sway with indie-rock melodies.

Launching the lyrics, and setting the bar for a music festival that’s sure to present some new music finds, and musical surprises along the way. Be sure to check out theses artists, and more November 13-17th.

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