Neena Rose releases new single, “Secret” featuring NorthSideBenji

RnB powerhouse Neena Rose is back with a “Secret” to share, her newest single featuring NorthSideBenji. The single follows previous releases, “Mannequin” and “(You A) Machine Gun” from her forthcoming EP, 333.

“I love it all, but writing lyrics is my favourite part of the process,” muses the Hamilton-based teen, reflecting on previous toe dips into nu-country, emo rock, and lofty pop bops before finding her most authentic self in R&B. “It’s always been a thing I love to do. Any time I feel any type of way, I’m writing a song. If I’m happy, I’m writing… If I’m sad, I’m writing…

“And I’m always listening to new beats… Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but it’s not uncommon for me to duck away at school and listen to music. I’ll play 30 different backing tracks to flesh out what feels right and solidify the sound I’m looking for.”

Check out the single below, and keep up to date with Neena Rose via her socials.

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