Hotel Mira releases video for “This Could Be It For Me”

Vancouver, BC-based group, Hotel Mira (formerly JPNSGRLS) has just released their new single, “This Could Be It For Me” with an official music video.

The video, which was directed by Zachary Vague and Sterling Larose was shot in Vancouver, BC and is a theatrical depiction of the intense emotional turmoil that lead singer, Charle Kerr wrote the song about.

On the track Kerr notes:

“This song is a battlecry for help. It is a song about voicing your anxious, paranoid and suicidal thoughts and then drawing the sad conclusion that even if you make it through this chapter, you’re gonna have to go toe-to-toe with all this bullshit again sometime soon [If it’s not tonight, then it’s still on my mind… how nice]. But what makes it a battlecry and not a full wall-to-wall downer is that I am asking if anyone else feels this way and that has, in my past, been my best strategy for feeling less alone in the world.”

Check out the video below, and keep up to date with the band via their socials.

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