Review – Harlequin Gold

Album: Baby Blue
Release Date: September 27, 2019
Genre: Indie Pop

Two sisters, Elle & Avery O’Brien were brought closer together with a family tragedy, leading to them deciding to take a try in the music industry together under the name Harlequin Gold. Building from the tragedy, the band released their debut EP Baby Blue at the end of September.

The title track “Baby Blue” is a somber, yet uplifting opening. A great mix of upbeat music and the haunting mix of the ladies’ vocals and excellent lyrical work, which leads great into “Take Me Home” which is more up-tempo and high energy, something synonymize with indie pop and that genre. This song is accompanied by a music video and was a great choice for the band to have as their debut into the world.

“I Was Your Girl” starts off with a funky guitar riff. The ladies’ vocals come in to mix well with the guitar, leading into a mellow flow throughout the track. The closing track “Want You More” is a heavy start but flows well throughout, making it a great EP ender and a great single released to show different sides of the band.

Harlequin Gold grew from a tragedy to make this band something they want to grow and succeed while sticking close to themselves. An EP like this is a great way to start them off on the right path as every song on the album is catchy, all while keeping it unique at the same time.

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