Katriel releases video for “One Foot Tall”

Newmarket, ON-based artist, Katriel has released her debut single, “One Foot Tall” along with a lyric video.

Katriel says she feels her purpose in life is to spread joy and positivity and to make a genuine difference in the world. Through her words and melodies, she can shine a bright light in a sometimes dark world by highlighting the sorts of issues and questions, the joys and sorrows of people for whom life is not always going their way.

“I have always wanted to do something that would change the world. I know very few people have that power to actually make that sort of impact, but I have always wanted to do that, and do it through something creative and uplifting. I know there are many songs that, when you listen to them, can actually change your mood, change your thinking and change your life. People look up to the artists who create those songs as role models and listen to their songs to make them feel a lot better. I want to write songs like that, where people can really relate to them. I think it would be amazing knowing that people have a sort of connection with one of my songs”.

Check out the lyric video below and stay up to date with Katriel via her socials.

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