IN PHOTOS – Hopefest 2019 in Waterloo, ON

Who: 30 bands including: Auras, F—ed Up, ’68, Sweet Toothe, Romancer, Courage My Love, Bad Egg, Exalt, Excuses, Excuses, Sam Coffey…
When: September 21, 2019
Where: Maxwell’s, Waterloo ON

Long-time Ontario music promoter Kyle Wappler says HopeFest is a community-built event for music lovers by music lovers. He is the drive behind this now yearly event that in 2019 saw 30 bands perform at Maxwell’s in Waterloo with other shows in local venues all creating a great day of multi-genre alternative music sampling.

Most bands were local or had a significant connection coming of age in the Kitchener-Waterloo scene. Two stages and an acoustic performance area showcased a non-stop stream of high energy; rock, hardcore, punk, metal, emo or blend thereof. Congratulations on a successful event that had a very positive vibe and seemed to make every band and the audience complicit in a special musical experience.


Adam Evers:



Bad Egg:

Bloc Parent:

Courage My Love:

Danger Liker:

Eternal Sleep:

Ever Elsewhere:


Excuses Excuses:

Fast Freddie:

Father Bodies:

Fucked Up:



Katy Topham:

Kirstin Corbett:

Lee Resistant:

Mitchel Gomes:

Adam Jerome:



Sam Coffey:

Sewn Eyes:

Six of Swords:

Sweet Toothe:

Trauma Lanes:

Your Pal Bill:

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