Canadian Beats Passport – Show Review – MARINA in Toronto, ON

Who: Marina, Daya
When: Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Where: REBEL, Toronto, ON

Marina (formerly known as ‘Marina + the Diamonds’) kicked off the first night of her Love + Fear Tour in Toronto Tuesday night. The British Electronic Pop singer-songwriter sold out 2,500 capacity theatre REBEL, and had fans roaring as she played both new and old hits!

American singer-songwriter Daya opened the show, performing hit songs “Sit Still Look Pretty”, “Hide Away”, “Don’t Let Me Down” and more. Daya came out confident and ready to perform which immediately caught the audiences’ attention; the crowd was jumping, dancing and singing along to every song.

Set to perform at 8:30PM, Marina hit the stage right on time opening with “Handmade Heaven,” the second single off of her new album Love + Fear. She immediately went into fan favourites “Hollywood” and “Primadonna” respectively. The visuals throughout the show, including a massive screen spanning the length of the stage, were rather impressive compared to what Marina has done in the past.

The Love + Fear Tour is the first tour where Marina has incorporated choreography and dancers and fans absolutely loved it. Between songs dancers would perform incredible interludes, keeping the audience engaged for the entire 2-hour set.

You could tell Marina was catering this tour to her hardcore fans, playing songs that have not been played in over 8 years such as “Teen Idle” and live debut of an unreleased song from her album FROOT called “I’m Not Hungry Anymore”.

Marina closed out the night with an encore of her most well known song “How To Be A Heart Breaker” and then fans went crazy. Overall, fans were very impressed with the show, and it seems Toronto can’t wait to see Marina back soon!

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Photos by Hannah Maynes, review by Haley Biemiller.

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