Weekly Beat Down – August 5, 2019 to August 10, 2019

Hey, it’s Monday, who told you could turn down the MUSIC!! It’s time once again for the #WeeklyBeatDown to rock your speakers. As you may in this show we like to feature two new songs that have recently been making their rounds online. We will then put them against each other right here on our website and you get to vote for your favorites as the fans! Now check out this week’s episode below and see the short clips from each artist.

Well like I said in the video, we will take two songs and you get to vote for them down below at the bottom of the page for your favorite. For every vote that you put in daily, ensures that you are favorite is just that much closer to victory.

Well, I think it’s just about time you check out this week’s competing artists, so we go!

Our newest competitor to our show comes to us from Toronto Ontario. These skateboarding punk rockers just released the brand new video for their single “Once Wild” and go by the name of No Big Deal. If you want to check out the full music video, you can now click on it down below.

Returning after her victory last week on our competition, singer-songwriter AARYS has the music video for her song “Bad Thing” once again. The song is off of her latest album Secrets which came out back in April this year. Go ahead and check out the full video down below.

Those are going to be our two competing artists for this week’s edition of #WeeklyBeatDown. You can now head to the bottom of the page and vote for your favorites well also sharing this week’s Beat Down with your friends.

Remember the more people that vote for your favorite song, the better their chances are for winning this week.

I will catch all of you beautiful people later, I’ll be back next Monday with some more new music for you!

Peace, love and good music to you this week and Turn that music back UP!!!

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