PREMIERE – Dante Matas releases new single, “Talking To Yourself”

Toronto, ON’s Dante Matas has unveiled his new single, “Talking To Yourself”, which is a blend of indie-pop and folk. “Talking To Yourself” is a perfect soundtrack to the end of the summer, as the nights cool, but the possibilities of the warm weather still linger.

Dante shares,

My new single “Talking To Yourself” describes a character giving themselves a pep talk in their head to get through the day. They then go on to discover that everyone around them is doing the same. Instead of confiding in and communicating with others, the character realizes everybody is just talking to themselves.

I had my friends and family send me clips reading really cliche motivational quotes and used them to create a chaotic collage of unprecedented optimism that appears midway through the song. Even though the quotes are so positive, the disorienting blend of the voices talking over each other makes the collage sound more like a mass miscommunication.”

Check out the single below, and keep up to date with Dante via his socials.

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