IN PHOTOS – Sarah McLachlan in Toronto, ON

Who: Sarah McLachlan
When: July 29, 2019
Where: Budweiser Stage, Toronto ON

Grammy and Juno award-winning soulful songstress, Sarah McLachlan, graced the Budweiser stage Sunday night. Sarah brought us into the fire of her musical inspirations, and we gave in to the sweet surrender of her vocal talent.

McLachlan brought me back to my childhood, where I learned her songs and played them on repeat, and I’m quite certain I could get through ‘Fumbling Towards Ecstasy’ without looking at the inside lyrics.  Here’s to after school night’s belting out her songs into a brush. (You know you did it too! )

To see strong women dominating the music scene, and proving we’ve got something to say, is truly inspiring. This most likely stemmed from her work on Lilith Fair, an all-woman fronted line-up from the mid-90s. Proving to radio stations, that women need more airplay, and can defiantly headline a whole festival.

Playing a full roster of songs, Sarah showed us her full melodic range, and brought us back to the early 90s, through the early 2000s and right up to 2019. Full of east coast charm, stories of past mistakes, heartbreaks, and family love, she sang with wild abandon. The added tones from the orchestra broadened the singer-songwriter vibe and transported it to a motion picture soundtrack.

It was a true gift to see Sarah perform.

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