Alone I Walk releases new single, “Get Up”

Winnipeg’s Alone I Walk is made up of brothers, François & Pascale Courcelles. The two have released their new single, “Get Up” from their upcoming EP, which you can pre-order here.

Check out the single below, and keep up to date with them via their socials.

Pascale Courcelles shares,

“Get Up started out as this song Franky and myself (Pascal) started jamming about a year ago while rehearsing and writing. We had gotten most of the song worked out musically and then ended up sitting on it. After some extensive touring and trying to readjust to life at home we had found ourselves at a new low and weren’t sure what to do with ourselves or our music, it felt as though we were burnt out from the in-between moments and life in general. There was no motivation or drive left in the tank for what felt like an eternity. Although frustrated and finding it hard to work, we decided to start/continue writing in a dull state of mind. We stumbled across this song we had worked on months prior and decided to completely rearrange it, but this time we had 6+ months of frustration, pent up thoughts and emotions to write about and get out of our systems, The Song is about questioning yourself and life as a whole at your lowest point. What came to be is Get Up.” 

Alone I Walk is now set to embark on their “Get Up” 2019 U.S. Tour this Summer/Fall, followed by the release of their label debut this September.

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